Electronically Governed Engine Controls

LOFA offers a variety of engine control panels for a range of electronically controlled diesel engines (including Tier IV systems). LOFA engine controls take advantage of innovative modular designs that make installation and customization easy.

Added value: our CANplus® Suite Configuration Kit allows you to customize parameters on our CP series panels.

  • CANplus 600 and CANplus 610 Displays

    CANplus® 600 and CANplus® 610 Displays

    • CANbus J1939 Displays
    • Easily Integrates Into Your Equipment Without Purchase Of Complete Panel
    • Can Be Customized To Your Specific Requirements With Optional LOFA CANplus® Configuration Software
    • Large 4.25” LCD display supports graphical and digital gauges
    • Quad-gauge viewing supports up to 16 parameters
    • Fault codes displayed in plain text
    • Waterproof IP 69 housing
    • PIN protected configuration
    • Two hardware versions for cold climate applications
    • CANplus® 600 temperature specification: -25°C to + 7
    • CANplus® 610 temperature specification: -40ºC to + 75ºC

  • CANplus CP600 engine control panel

    CANplus® CP600

    • Entry level panel for electronic engines
    • Compact and economical
    • Large 4.25" LCD display supporting graphical and digital gauges
    • NEMA 4x polycarbonate enclosure with lockable door
    • Throttle Options: 2-state, 3-state rocker, or a digital rotary
    • Pre-wired for Deutsch 21-pin circular connector
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  • The CP750 Automatic Engine Start / Stop

    • CP750 Automatic engine start and stop

      CP750 With Standard Display Screen

    • LOFA CP750 with NEMA Enclosure

      CP750 With NEMA Enclosure Featuring Lockable Door

    • Universal Platform Monitors, Controls And Automatically Starts/ Stops electronically and mechanically governed diesel engines
    • Auto Throttling Feature Saves Fuel; Reduces Pollution, Noise & Wear
    • Momentary Rocker Switch Adjusts Throttle
    • Optional Digital Rotary Throttle Has Push-Set Speed Selector
    • Optional Large Color TFT Backlit Screen (3.5” diagonal) Easily Viewed In Direct Sunlight (In Development)
    • Easily Configured To Viewing Preference (11 languages supported)
    • Displays all SAE J1939 Parameters Reported By ECU
    • Displays Diagnostic Messages From Engine ECU & 2 Additional FaultInputs
    • Panel Can Be Field Configured For Range Of Automated Applications
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  • LOFA CANplus configuration software kit

    CANplus® Suite Configuration Kit 010-6750-01

    With LOFA's CANplus® Configuration Software Kit, you can reconfigure LOFA’s CP series software and I/O board. Some of the configurable parameters include: throttle type, RPM increments, CAN address, TSC1 address, custom splash screen, preheat function, alarm function, auto start function, pressure transducer settings, auxiliary input(s) and output(s), and analog sensor configuration which allows a standard analog sensor to be displayed on the J1939 display. The configuration kit also allows you to clone the panel, and then download that software into multiple panels.

    Configuration kit includes:

    • Programming cables
    • International power supply
    • CANdo USB to CANbus interface adapter
    • Software available at LOFA.net/updates

  • LOFA CANplus configuration software kit

    Experience the CP600 and CP750 on your computer!

    With the CANplus® display simulator software, you can view the basic CP600 and CP750 display screens on your computer. Whether you are familiarizing yourself with our software or troubleshooting panel specifications, this is a very useful tool to access. Simply download the software to experience LOFA products at your computer right away!