EHB Electronics

To offer comprehensive engine controls, LOFA offers select products by EHB Electronics. These include Starter Protection Relays, MCflex Engine Control Panels, CANarmatur panels and HCflex Wood Chipper Controls.

  • SSR Starter Protection Relay

    SSR-Starter Protection Relay

    • For all combustion engines
    • Prevents damage from startup when engine is already running
    • Optimal for loud environments
    • Compact size
    • Quick mounting
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  • MC Flex Engine Control Panel

    Mcflex Engine Control Panel

    • Designed for Gensets, Compressors, Drilling & Construction Applications
    • Two line display
    • 6-channel engine monitoring
    • 7 outputs
    • Configurable parameters
    • 2 year warranty
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  • CANarmatur


    • For all engines and special machines with CANbus (SAE J1939)
    • Ignition starter switch for direct start of the engine with mechanical double-start lock
    • Easy mounting with bracket and main plug
    • All parameters can be programmed without additional hardware
    • Special parameters can be programmed forcustomized solutions
    • Analog inputs
    • Speed adjustment over CANbus provided
    • Waterproof (IP67) NEMA6
    • 2 year warranty
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  • HCflex Wood Chipper Control

    HCflex Wood Chipper Control

    • Optimizes the performance of wood chippers
    • Displays all operating data
    • Feed control and monitoring, prevents feeding upon overload
    • Parameterizable pull back
    • Robust housing
    • Easy to use graphic interface
    • Direct buttons for manual control of the wood chipper
    • IP67 protection rating
    • Bus interface
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