The CP900 is LOFA’s universal autostart control panel for Electronically or Mechanically governed engines. Its dual transducers allow for more versatile control logic enabling numerous applications. The panel boasts the robust CANplus 35c high-resolution 3.5” QVGA color display that
is sunlight viewable and includes an illuminated, tactile, five (5) button keypad.LOFA’s next generation real-time CANplus RT Software powers the CP900, which is Tier 4F and Euro Stage V compliant. The CANplus RT Software features:

  • LOFA’s patent-pending QR-code diagnostics
  • Simplified one-touch access to emission status and control
  • Multilevel PIN-based menu access
  • Optional LOFA rotary throttle control with “mouse” feature
  • Autostart

The CP900’s intuitive autostart mode starts, throttles, and stops engines based on configurable criteria that include switches, transducers, date & time scheduler, and timed run.


  • Inputs:
    • Two (2) autostart switch inputs
    • Two (2) 4-20mA transducer inputs
    • Two (2) fault switch inputs
    • Three (3) resistive sender inputs
  • Outputs:
    • Alarm
    • Aux for engine running, autostart, or engine-at-speed


  • Compact 8″x6″ Aluflex®
  • Standard 8″x10″ Aluflex®
  • Compact 8″x6″ NEMA
  • Standard 8″x10″ NEMA


  • Configuration using menus or through a simple, straightforward Windows-based configuration program
  • CANplus interface for engine monitoring and control, supporting all SAE J1939 messages
  • Rugged weather-resistant housings with vibration-isolation mounts
  • Intuitive user-friendly menus accessible via a high resolution color display
  • Configurable increments and ramp rate for throttle controls
  • Configurable seven (7) stage autothrottle profile
    • Warm-up time at Idle
    • Ramp-up time to Intermediate RPM
    • Intermediate time and RPM
    • Ramp-up time to Run RPM
    • Run RPM
    • Ramp-down time to Idle
    • Cool-down time at Idle
  • Autostart
    • Configurable start and stop events
      • Autostart switch inputs
      • 4-20mA transducer (level, pressure, flow, etc.)
      • 24h/7d/365d scheduled run
      • Countdown-to-off timer
  • Autothrottle maintain point
    • Configurable 4-20mA transducer target values to dynamically
      throttle the engine to maintain a level


Nominal System Voltage 12—24 VDC
Operating Current 225mA @ 12V
Operating Temperature -40C to +70C
QVGA graphical high resolution 320 x 240 color TFT LCD. Enhanced LED variable back light ensures total sunlight viewing. Max brightness of 750 NIT.
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
CANbus Standard SAE J1939 (CANBUS 2.0B)
Solid State IO
ECU/Solenoid Output 10A @ system voltage
Starter Output 10A @ system voltage
AUX Output 500mA @ system voltage
Alarm Output 500mA @ system voltage
Resistive Sender Inputs 2 (0—1000 Ohms)
Digital Inputs 4 (2x for autostart, 2x for faults)
Transducer Input 4—20mA
Transducer Power Output System voltage
Compact Aluflex®
Height 7.5″
Width 8.0″
Depth 6.0″
Standard Aluflex®
Height 10.4″
Width 8.4″
Depth 6.0″
Compact NEMA
Height 8.0″
Width 8.5″
Depth 6.5″
Standard NEMA
Height 11.0″
Width 11.0″
Depth 8.0″
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty