LOFA Quality Statement

LOFA Industries Quality Policy

LOFA Industries is committed to providing our customers the highest possible quality engine control panel and operator interface products available. In support of our commitment, LOFA Industries will:

  • Create and maintain a quality culture at every level of our core business processes and make quality a key component of LOFA core business values.
  • Ensure and reinforce quality responsibility at the individual LOFA team member level, making sure that all understand the importance and personal responsibility for high quality LOFA products.
  • Invest in people, tools, processes, and procedures that reinforce and support the LOFA quality commitment.
  • Listen to our customers and stakeholders so that quality expectations are clear and so that quality expectations can be met and exceeded.
  • Improve on a continuous basis, based on World-class quality and management standards.

Stephen Rary
Stephen Rary, Chief Executive Officer