Wire Harnesses

LOFA offers engine harnesses that connect control panels to specific engines, as well as standard wire harness solutions for a variety of applications.

LOFA can supply the harness you need for virtually any industrial diesel engine – mechanically or electronically controlled. By stocking a wide variety of wiring materials, offering precision manufacturing and utilizing our engineering expertise, we can quickly provide any harness you need. We also include design features that make installing/connecting our engine harnesses simple.

LOFA Offers Engine Harnesses for Every Application Including:

Mechanically Governed Engine Wire Harness
Mechanically Governed Engine Harnesses
Electronically Governed Wire Engine Harness
Electronically Governed Engine Harnesses
Generic Governed Engine Harness
Generic Engine Harnesses for Customer Wiring


Adapter Factory Harness
Adapter Harnesses to Connect Factory Harnesses to LOFA Panels
Adapter Engine Harness
Adapter Harnesses to Connect Engine Harnesses to Various LOFA Panels
Extension Harness
Extension Harnesses to Mount Panels Further from the Engine