LOFA Product Release – John Deere

Engine Control Panels and Factory Harness Interface Specifically Designed for the New John Deere Tier IV Final Engines

New John Deere Product

LOFA Industries proudly introduces these two new John Deere Specific Control Solutions as the latest addition to our Tier 4 arsenal.  With the increasing requirements for Tier 4 engines in the marketplace, LOFA’s proven designs make operation of more complex engines SIMPLE again.

Panel features include:

• Tier 4 final compliance with the John Deere emissions systems
• Standard menu based or optional switch based emissions controls
• User selectable gauge layout (up to 16 gauges)
• Display-configurable engine idle speed and min/max rpm (when enabled in menu)
• 16 configurable service timers based on engine hours
• Ramp throttle adjustment via momentary rocker switch
• Key switch features mechanical lock-out to prevent re-start attempts when the engine is running
• Auto-start capable CP750 model and standard CP620
• Easily change common parameters from the panel’s display
• Extensive features and settings are configurable with the CANplus® Suite Programming Kit

As always, our standard “Plug ‘N Play” product design easily adapts to the John Deere factory engine harness.
You will get reliable performance in tough conditions, as well as user-friendly displays and configuration tools.

For pricing and availability information contact LOFA Industries at:
770-569-9828 or email sales@lofa.net

Watch for additional products coming soon for the John Deere product line!